Our Instruments

Midwest String Rentals is proud to offer high-quality violins, violas, and cellos. Entirely hand-made of premium seasoned maple and spruce that any maker would admire for resonance and appearance, these instruments are crafted with workmanship normally found in those costing much more. Our rental program offers Jay Haide instruments, an excellent option for players of all abilities due to their tone and playability.

As they arrive at our workshop, each instrument is carefully inspected for consistency and is given a full professional-quality setup. Unlike other rental programs where this crucial step may be given little attention, Midwest String Rentals setups—custom-fitting the pegs, soundpost, and bridge—are done to exacting standards in our own workshop. Instruments are then test-played to ensure that they are adjusted for optimal tone quality.

Strings and Bows

As players ourselves, we understand how important the right strings are to the playability of an instrument. We maximize the potential of our instruments by using high-quality strings, the same brands preferred by many professional players, and make replacement strings available at competitive prices.

Each rental instrument comes in a case along with the proper bow, plus rosin. Our standard bow is a Midwest String Rentals brazilwood bow, which provides superior tonal properties.

...and More!

Rental Credit Toward Purchase

Our liberal equity-building program gives progressing students a range of options when they are ready to buy an instrument. Fifty percent of the first 24 months of rental fees may be credited toward the purchase of an instrument from Midwest String Rentals.

Our Guarantee

We are devoted to bringing our customers the highest quality and service standards at truly competitive rates. Should a problem occur with your rental instrument due to defective merchandise or setup, Midwest String Rentals will adjust, repair, or replace the instrument.